The skin on the feminine area is very different
from the skin on other parts.

Most women use soap and water but using soap to wash feminine zone is not recommended.
The skin there is really delicate and soap often is too harsh for it.
Soap can end up drying the skin.

Eztia feminine wash provides comfortable, high-quality care.
It is made of natural and organic ingredients. Use it every day to help gently cleanse the delicate skin without drying it.
Keeps away odor and maintains the natural pH levels of the skin.

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How does it work?


Eztia wash is really gentle and helps keep the skin on the private area soft and clean. It doesn’t irritate it and helps keep it hydrated. The skin is left feeling well balanced, calm and odor-free.


This gentle product contains soothing ingredients like chamomile, shea butter, and tea tree oil. The ingredients help keep the skin clean from dirt and free from itchiness.


Formulated to maintain a great pH balance when it comes to the delicate feminine area. The wash cleanses the skin well, but it doesn’t strip away its essential and much needed natural oils that protect it.

No soap

Eztia wash contains no soap and no harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin or strip it from its essential oils. The product does not have added fragrance to it as fragrance and soaps are too harsh for the delicate skin.

Natural scent

It does not have added fragrance to it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn't smell good. The natural light scent come directly from the ingredients and still keeps the skin fresh enough.